Testimony by Sunshine

I want to share a little experience when I was in this place with other staff and the kids. Only one things I know that Jesus really love this kids. Maybe first time I went there I not feel really comfortable. My heart cried to God and had a lot of question about this kids, parents and their grandparent. But God comfort my heart and show me He really care and love all of this kids. And I believe that God can use a lot of ways to show His love for this kids. I’m so happy can join with home kids in this place. How they open the house for those kids to come and study, play and share. The home kids not only support this kids but their family too. They visit the family and I can feel how they really care to them. How God put His love for kids and their family through the home kids.

We stay there for one week and we’re join some ministry there like went to school and make some drama and game, visiting some family, playing in one area with a lot of kids and parents, and homework time in the house. One day we have opportunity to accompany one young man to back to his house. From center to his house we need to walk for three hour. He need to go back every week once to see his father. On the way we just talk and share with these boy and finally we tell him about Jesus and he make decision to receive and believe in Jesus. We’re so happy and I know the seed that kids home put for the kids will bear fruit. And I believe God can open more and more door for people in that place.

The most special and impact me a lot when I was in here is about three brothers and one sisters. They are living with their grandparent. The oldest one around 10 years old and the youngest one 3 years old. Their parent went to the city to work and they told me not every year they will go back to there and see their kids. So, it’s mean almost their time without their parent. Until now I still trying to understand how they will grow without their parent. One day we went to their house to meet them and I can see they’re so happy. When we help their homework and talk with them I feel like they’re so innocent and just a kids. They need love and secure from people surround them. I’m trying to be close with the girl and I know that she is so happy. When I want to touch her head to show my love to her and suddenly she hit my hand and that’s make me little shock. I can’t stop to think why she is so aggressive, it’s because she is like that or because nobody show love to her before? And on the way to back home I asked God, why? Just simple answer, “she need unconditional love.”  That words really touch my heart and I know the kids need love.

For me, kids home help these kids a lot and how they put their time, energy, mind and everything for kids and family there. How they really patience with the kids and just love them like their own family. I know that’s not easy but I believe God will help and more use kids home to be bless for all of them. After that trip God put in my heart to praying for the kids and the family in there. If I have opportunity to go back I really want to go again. And this is my experience and testimony about kids and kids home in this place.

With Love,


Oct 2015

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