Zhong XiaoHui

Additional Info

  • Birthday: Monday, 02 December 2002
  • Location: TaNi
  • School: Hong Yan Middle School
  • Grade: 2nd Yr
  • Sponsor: Kan Chee Siong from Malaysia
  • Updates:

    Parents work in Guangdong. Father work as a fisherman for a fishing company. He had a fractured left ankle. Her mother works another company as fish-feeder. Both of them come back once a year to see their children. She has a older brother in Middle School but has to stop school for a year after he fractured his leg when he bathed in the river. He is with her parents now. She has another older sister in Nursing School and a younger sister in Grade 5.

    Her grandmother is staying with her and she suffers from diabetes, hypertension and cholecystitis.



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