Peng YuXin+

Additional Info

  • Birthday: Friday, 01 February 2002
  • Location: TaSha, GuangMing Cun
  • School: XiChe 9 Year Complete School
  • Grade: 3rd Yr
  • Sponsor: SMIC Private School (上海市民办中芯学校) – Shanghai, China
  • Updates:

    Father’s hand became handicap as a result from a fight when he was working outside. His father is doing some odd job with his relatives. Mother has no work.  He has a younger sister that was born in 2010. YuXin is having some skin problem.

    彭心雨,男,2002.2。他砂光明村。  父亲是在打工时和别人打架导致手有残疾,不灵活。在镇上打零工。家中还有3岁的妹妹未上学。妈妈务农,农闲时打零工。心雨有皮肤病是真菌和细菌引起的。皮肤常在溃烂状态中。QQ1811839685

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