Tian MengYi#

Additional Info

  • Birthday: Saturday, 01 June 2002
  • Location: XiChe
  • School: XiChe 9 Year Complete School
  • Grade: 3rd Yr
  • Sponsor: SMIC Private School (上海市民办中芯学校) – Shanghai, China
  • Updates:

    Parent divorced. Father work ShanDong and comes back once a year. However, he seldom sends money home as he is not able to earn much. She lives with her grandparents. Her grandparents are sickly but have to work to support the family.

    田梦一,女, 2002.06.30(阴历)洗车河。  父母离异。父亲在山东打工,每年回家一趟。不过,工资不高所以没有寄钱回家。妈妈会打电话联系她,爷爷奶奶早出晚归,打零工。日夜操劳患有各种疾病。QQ2050755626

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