Tian Hui Lan#

Additional Info

  • Birthday: Saturday, 01 December 2001
  • Location: XiChe, ShaPing Cun
  • School: XiChe 9 Year Complete School
  • Grade: 3rd Yr
  • Sponsor: Geraldine Ong from Singapore
  • Updates:

    Mother left home many years ago. Father is working in a fishing company in Guangdong Province. He remarried in 2014. Her step-mother have 2 kids from the previous marriage and another child from the current marriage. Hui Lan is till the oldest in the family. Grandparents who are sickly are living with them. Her step-mother treat her well while her mother has never attempted to contact her and she does not know where her mother is. Her aging grandparents are staying with them.

    田慧兰, , 出生于2001.12.07(阴历)洗车镇沙坪村。妈妈在她很小的时候就离开了家庭。从来没有联系过她。爸爸在广东的一个打鱼公司工作。常常出海打鱼。爸爸在2014再结婚。后妈以前也有一段婚姻,有两个小孩。婚后有了一个妹妹。慧兰还是最大。后妈对她很好。爷爷奶奶年事已高,体弱多病,家里没有什么经济来源,全家的生活全靠爸爸一人在外打工来维持,家庭十分贫困。QQ3115977861

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