Lu JianShun

Additional Info

  • Birthday: Wednesday, 15 January 2003
  • Location: LongTou Zhen, XinKao Cun
  • School: XiChe 9 Year Complete School
  • Grade: 2nd Yr
  • Sponsor: Joe and friends from USA
  • Updates:

    Father works in the farm while mother and older brother work in NingBao to support the family. His grandfather is physically very weak. He has an older brother who has starting working.

    鲁建顺, 男,2003.01.15出生,隆头镇庆口村,家里4口人。爷爷体弱多病住在老家,母亲和哥哥在宁波打工,父亲一人在家务农。生活条件差。

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