Song HongLi#

Additional Info

  • Birthday: Thursday, 08 August 2002
  • Location: XiChe ShuiTong Cun
  • School: High School
  • Grade: Year 1
  • Sponsor: Bro Toh from Malaysia
  • Updates:

    Parents divorced.  Father works in Shenzhen to support the family. She is living with her grandparents and her younger sister. Grandparents not able to do any farm work. Father comes back only once every two years. She is a younger sister in kindergarten.

    宋宏利, . 出生于2002.8.8(阴历), 洗车镇水桶村. 1岁时父母离异,妈妈再没联系过,全家有5口人,爷爷奶奶在家务农,身体不好,还要照顾年幼的妹妹,妹妹宋歆在幼儿园中班,爷爷奶奶没有什么劳动能力,全家的生活全靠爸爸一人在深圳打工来维持,爸爸1—2年回家一次,家庭十分贫困。平时住在镇上租的房子里。

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