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Peng Xue Li comes from a very difficult family situation. 

There are 5 members in her family. Peng Fan (father, 44yrs old), Chen GuiEr (mother, 44yrs old), one younger sister finishing HIgh School (Peng JinPing, 19yrs old) and a younger brother (Peng Lei, 18yrs old). She is 20yrs old and oldest in the family. She has completed her fashion designing diploma in JiShou Vocational Institute and doing her on-the-job training in a factory in Zhejiang. Her younger sister's high school education expenses is covered by the High School in LongShan that she is attending because of her very good academic result. She will have no problem getting into the university in Sep 2015. However, her younger brother did not want to complete his middle school education and has already stopped going to school for 2 years. Their grandparents are living with them.

Her grandmother has Parkinson Disease for more than 15 years now and her sickness has progress into a advance stage where she is not able to care for herself at all. XueLi's grandfather has to take care of her grandmother full time. 

Her parents used to work in a nearby town called YongShun until her mom became mentally ill about 3 years ago. Apart from her mental illness, she has also developed Lupus Disease about two years ago, resulting her being totally bedridden. XueLiis father has to stop work completely to take care of her mother. This has resulted in the family losing all their souce of income.

The local government does give their family some finanical support (100 Chinese yuan per person). However, the medical expenses incurred for her grandmother and mother has not only wipped out all their savings but also caused them to take loans of more than 20,000 Chinese yuan from their relatives. Currently, her mother's daily expense on medicaiton for her mental illness and lupus is approximately between 20-30yuan, an amount which the family cannot afford as her father and grandfather are not able to work. As for herself, she is also owing the vocational institute an amount of 4,800 yuan and she need to pay up this outstanding amount by June before she formally graduate.

We visited their family in mid April and was able to speak to her grandfather and father personally, and also to see the condition of her mother. During the visit, we sensed that Father want us to help XueLi to repay her outstanding school fees of 4,800 yuan. This amount will be given to her in June when she comes back from her OJT for her formal graduation. We had also spoken to younger brother, Peng Lei, and encourage him to resume his studies and to complete his middle school education, which he seems to agree with us. 





The HongYan Middle School is located in HongYan County, providing Middle School education for students living in the county and villages under this county. It serve also as a boarding school for students whose home are too far away for them to commute daily to school.

We had started taking working with this school about 3 years ago by sponsoring some needy students. Today, we have approximately 40 students from this Middle School in our sponsorship program.

Though this school provide very basic lodging for students living far from the school, the school does not have any shower facilities for the students.

Hunan is known to be one of the hottest place in China during the summer with temperature ranging from 35 to 40 deg C and very high humidity level and very cold winter because of the high humidity. Without any shower facilities, the girls can only collect water from tapes near the school gate with their own personal pail to wash their hair and or carry the pail of water to the girls' toilets for a simple clean up. As for the boys, they either use those water tape to wash their hair directly or go to the nearby river to have a bath.

Seeing this lack, we sense a leading from God to help the school convert a big un-used classroom into two shower rooms for the students (one for the boys and one for the girls). The project started in early Apr 2015 and expected to complete by the end of April. The project cost is approximately 14,000 Chinese yuan and we thank God that our organisation is able to provide the finance for the project. What is lacking is 2 big solar powered water heaters so that the students can still have proper shower during the cold winter.

The project was completed at the end of May 2015.

Below are pictures of the progress of this project.


         Shower Room 1          Shower Room 2              Shower Room 4 

         Shower Room 5          Shower Room 6          Shower Room 7          Shower Room 8

        Shower Room 11         Shower Room 12         Shower Room 13

        Shower Room 16         Shower Room 17         Shower Room 18

Shower_Room-19.jpg   Shower_Room-20.jpg


Shower_Room-21.jpg       Shower_Room-22.jpg

The idea of setting up a Drop-In Center was concieved in 2011 when we see many of the students (both under our sponsorship program or otherwise) will spent their time in the local internet cafes or just mixing up with the wrong group. The main reason for them to be addicted to internet cafes or mixing with the wrong company is because of the lack of parental guidance as their parents are not at home to care for them.

Thus, the main purpose of the Drop-In Center is to provide a safe alternate place for these students where they can come to talk with our staff, read books, tuitions and even go on the internet but under proper supervision, and staying over the weekend if these students do not have any adults at home to care for them.

We started our first Drop-In Center in HongYan in 2013 by renting a 3 storey building which was bult about 30 years ago and the owner used it as a motel. The building had a total of 8 rooms and it suited our purpose at that time. As the building is old and the owner refused to repair the windows that were already broken before we moved in, rodents become one of our main problem especially during the hot summer months.

In 2015, we found another building that had been recently completed and there are two apartments on 1st level are available for rent. After negotiating with the owner, we managed to rent the two apartments with an annual rental of 14,000 Chinese yuan, which is only 1,000 yuan more than what we had been paying for the old run-down 3 storey building.

The new center will have 6 bedrooms, two kitchens, 4 toilets and two big dining area. With 6 bed rooms, we can house up to 36 staff, volunteers or students at any one time. If there is a need to house more than 36 people, we can still utiltise the two dining rooms where 10 more volunteers can sleep on the floor with mattresses.

We have moved into this new centre since June and hosted the first team of volunteers from China, Hong Kong and Singapore in July during our summer camp.

New_Center-Bedroom-2.JPG  New_Center-Bedroom.JPG Drop_In_Centre.jpg Old_Centre-1.jpg

Moving.jpg  New_Centre-1.jpg New_Centre-2.jpg New_Centre-3.jpg



Date : 1st July 2015 to 11th July 2015

Our 5th Summer Camp will be held in HongYan Middle School from 5th July (evening) to 10th July (evening) for our Middle School students. This year, we have 100 Middle School students in our program and we have approximately 50 students joining our camp. We will also be inviting our High School graduating students and our 3 college students to join us in this camp.

This year’s theme is “Dare to Dream” and we will be using Joseph, from the Old Testament to impart life principles into the lives of those students coming for the camp and also to encourage them to reach for the sky even though many of them come from very challenging background.

We have volunteers from various part of China, Hong Kong and Singapore coming to help us run the whole camps.

In the 5 days camp, we have a night where we celebrate the birthday of all the participants as usually their parents are not around to celebrate their birthday. There is also a night where we stand in the gap for their parents to just love these students and also ask for forgiveness in anyway that their parents had hurt them because they are being left behind while their parents works in a faraway location.

During the camp, we bless to not only see the happy faces of these students but also the healing that took place in their lives.

We want to thank all our volunteers for not only give of their time to help in the camp but also pay their own expenses during the entire camp.

All volunteers (from outside China) are expected arrive in ZhangJiaJie (Hunan Province) by 2nd July to join up with our mainland volunteers before proceeding to HongYan eith on 2nd July or 3rd July.

All volunteers (both from the mainland and overseas) will leave HongYan on 11th July. Our participating students will also leave on the same morning.

Catherine, wife of our CCI Founding Director, will be overseeing the development of the teaching material for the camp.

We will announce on the camp fees in the coming weeks.


Date: Sun, 2007-11-25
Project Status: Complete

Date: Sat, 2010-04-03 - Mon, 2010-05-31
Project Status: Completed


Date: Mon, 2012-07-23 - Fri, 2012-08-03
Project Status: Complete

This is the 2nd Summer Camp that we are hosting in XiChe School for those students from 1st Yr Middle School to 3rd Yr Middle School that are under our sponsorship program.

The theme for this year's summer camp was same as last year (2011) i.e. Love (1Cor 13). The objective of the camp is to let these student experience and know that they are being loved.

We are thankful that we have a team of 7 youth from Sweden, a team of 3 young people from Hong Kong and a team of 12 University students from Dalian that came to help us run the camp. The number of students that came for our camp is 32.

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