Summer Camp 2015

Date : 1st July 2015 to 11th July 2015

Our 5th Summer Camp will be held in HongYan Middle School from 5th July (evening) to 10th July (evening) for our Middle School students. This year, we have 100 Middle School students in our program and we have approximately 50 students joining our camp. We will also be inviting our High School graduating students and our 3 college students to join us in this camp.

This year’s theme is “Dare to Dream” and we will be using Joseph, from the Old Testament to impart life principles into the lives of those students coming for the camp and also to encourage them to reach for the sky even though many of them come from very challenging background.

We have volunteers from various part of China, Hong Kong and Singapore coming to help us run the whole camps.

In the 5 days camp, we have a night where we celebrate the birthday of all the participants as usually their parents are not around to celebrate their birthday. There is also a night where we stand in the gap for their parents to just love these students and also ask for forgiveness in anyway that their parents had hurt them because they are being left behind while their parents works in a faraway location.

During the camp, we bless to not only see the happy faces of these students but also the healing that took place in their lives.

We want to thank all our volunteers for not only give of their time to help in the camp but also pay their own expenses during the entire camp.

All volunteers (from outside China) are expected arrive in ZhangJiaJie (Hunan Province) by 2nd July to join up with our mainland volunteers before proceeding to HongYan eith on 2nd July or 3rd July.

All volunteers (both from the mainland and overseas) will leave HongYan on 11th July. Our participating students will also leave on the same morning.

Catherine, wife of our CCI Founding Director, will be overseeing the development of the teaching material for the camp.

We will announce on the camp fees in the coming weeks.



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