The Lims Featured

Joseph was born in Malaysia but grew up in Singapore with his adopted family. He served 4 years in the Republic of Singapore Air Force and another 7 years in the Ministry of Defense. In between his two terms of military services, he spent two and a half years in the Philippines doing volunteering work among the slum people of Central Philppines.


After he resigned from the military, he moved into China, Hunan Province as a Chief Representative of a company that deals with Tujia (a minority in China) handicraft and backpacking tour, together with his lovely wife (Catherine Ching) and daughter (Charmaine). Phoebe, their second daughter, was born two years after they moved into China.

After the company ceased to operate, the Lims remained in Hunan Province with Joseph freelancing as backpacking tour operator and Catherine help started the first fully Montessori kindergarten.

Joseph started working with the Left Behind Children in 2004 when he started a Education Sponsorship program.

The family moved to Hong Kong in late 2008 but continue to serve the LBC. Joseph continues to make monthly trips into the rural areas of China to visit the LBCs under his program and leading short-term teams to work with the schools that participate in our sponsorship program. Joseph is also part of the senior leadership team of Gateway Services Asia (Ltd), a charity organization based in Hong Kong.

Catherine is now an International Montessori Trainer and the Representative of CGMS for Asia. She is still involved in the kindergarten that she helped started as a training consultant.

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