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These are the people who  are working or have worked in CCI

Joseph was born in Malaysia but grew up in Singapore with his adopted family. He served 4 years in the Republic of Singapore Air Force and another 7 years in the Ministry of Defense. In between his two terms of military services, he spent two and a half years in the Philippines doing volunteering work among the slum people of Central Philppines.

Tony Tu HaoYu is from China, Anhui Province, ChuZhou City. He is the only son in the family.

Erin Pan is from Anhui, China. She was also one of the Left Behind Children when she was young due to the work that her parents were involved in. She has a younger sister. She majored in Language (Teaching Foreigners Mandarin) in her university in Anhui. After she graduated, she worked in an Indian Spice Company that is based in Guangzhou. During her employment with the company, she was sent to India for 5 months to help her company with translation work. 

Erin was a very introvert girl until she came to know Jesus Christ. His love had not only heal her of her past but also change her personality to one that is outgoing and helpful. She wanted to let those students in our program also experience God's love and healing.

She join us in March 2015.

我叫潘亚运,来自安徽。 因为父母工作的关系,小时候也是“被留守的孩子”十岁以后在江苏生活,对自己的家乡或所属地的归属感不强。家中有四口人,有一个妹妹。大学所学的专业是对外汉语,毕业后在广东的一家印度香料公司工作一年,主要从事财务和贸易的工作,之后去到印度5个月,主要负责项目的口头和书面的翻译工作。以前也是一个内向又自卑的孩子,后来因为信仰慢慢变得阳光起来,起初信仰的过程也是被医治的过程,(林后1:4 我们在一切患难中他就安慰我们,叫我们能用神所赐的安慰去安慰那遭各样患难的人)。过去的经历成为了上帝的恩赐,让我可以倾听孩子们的声音。

Lena Soh residing in Singapore.  She worked in a number of multi-national corporations for about 18years. Now a volunteer with CCI, she makes trips every alternate month to visit staff and students.

She believes in sharing the love she received with no strings attached and desires for every child to live out their dreams.

Eric resides in Hong Kong together with his wife (Iru) and daughter (Jane). He started getting involved with us by making short trips to Hunan in 2006. By 2008, he became part of our leadership team and making more trips to Hunan.

Now, he is one of the Directors in our board, and serving full time with us. Whenever he is not making trips to Hunan, he is also working with a group of homeless in one of the poorest district of Hong Kong. 

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