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A Father to the fatherless, a defender of the widows, is God in His Holy Habitation, God sets the solitary in families, He brings those who are bound into prosperity. (Ps 68:5-6)

In early 2003, we visited LongShan Municipality that is located on the north-western part of Hunan province because of our interest in the Tujia minority. After a few visits, we were directed to a Tujia village called QiXin Cun, where it is ideal for us to bring our backpackers to.

After we brought in a couple of backpacking groups to QiXin Cun, a few Hong Kong backpackers decided to pull together some money on a monthly basis to sponsor one particular Tujia girl in QiXin Cun for her grade school education.

Amazingly, with that amount, we started to sponsor 17 grade school students in QiXin Cun. This marked the beginning of our sponsorship program. It begins to grow from 17 to 20, than to 50, and eventually up to 150 students at one point. Today, we have approximately 125 students in our program ranging from Grade School to Vocational Training School and High School. These students are from 3 primary locations, QiXin Cun, XiChe Middle School and XiChe Grade School.

As we start this program, God told us to use His unconditional love as the underlying principle of the whole program. By unconditional love, it means that the only criteria to help the children in the mountainous and rural region of Hunan province are that they need outside help to complete their basic education at least. Students are not taken into our program based on their academic result. Students are taken into our program because of their families are in some form of crisis.

Today, many of the students in our program have lost either one or both parents through industrial accidents, sicknesses or suicide; or having who are suffering from long term sickness; or being abandoned by their parents because of divorces or pure economic reasons.

Through our sponsorship program, Father have also led us to be involved in a number of one time projects to help individual families that faced with sudden crisis or benefit the school that have been working with us closely on this program.

Since 2008 after we moved to Hong Kong, God begin to speak to us to expand our program to other provinces. We sensed that God want to use our program to help children in the rural and mountainous region of China to experience His unconditional love.

And it is also our desire that some of these students and their families will come to know God personally as they experience His unconditional love.

At the present moment, the sponsorship amount that we collect from our sponsors for students in various level are as follow:

  • Grade School Student - RMB575 per year.
  • Middle School Student- RMB1320 per year.
  • High School Student - RMB4370 per year.
  • Vocational Training - To be determined according to the course taken by the students
  • University and College Student - To be determined according to the course taken by the students.

These amounts also include our operational cost to manage the project. By operational cost, we mean the transport, food and accommodation expenses when we visit these students, and also the stipends for the two local staff that work with us in our program.

“You may choose to look the other way but you can never again say you did not knowq.” – Antislavery Pioneer William Wilberforce, 1789
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